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You can submit your post pitch to Whistle42 using the form below. It doesn’t have to be a complete post, just a reference to a report on an online platform that we can then turn into a post. For each submitted post you will receive 250 W42 credits. If we decide to publish a post based on your submitted information, we will credit you another 500 W42 credits. You can cash out at the end of the month at the current exchange rate (currently €0.01).

Questions? Please visit our FAQs.

Welcome to W42 Scout!

We look forward to every tip or article (we call it Post Pitching) you submit. The prerequisite is that you register with us beforehand and log in. Then we can assign the submitted information to your account.

You cad register with Whistle42 here and to sign-in here.

We are looking forward receiving your blog post pitch.


Whistle42 Team