W42 Scout Post Pitching


1. What is the W42 Scouts Post Pitching Program?

The W42 Scouts Post Pitching Program is a platform for individuals worldwide to provide information on financial issues, court cases, law enforcement, and regulations that are not commonly covered by mainstream media. This program is an extension of the Whistle42 platform, designed to strengthen its role as a source of diverse and crucial information.

2. Who can become a W42 Scout?

Anyone with access to underreported information in the fields of finance, law enforcement, court cases, and regulation can become a W42 Scout. We welcome individuals from various jurisdictions worldwide who can provide unique insights and information.

3. How do I submit information as a W42 Scout?

Information can be submitted through the online form on the Whistle42 website here. There will be a dedicated portal for W42 Scouts to securely share their findings.

4. How is the information reviewed?

Submitted reports are thoroughly reviewed by our team for accuracy, relevance, and authenticity. Only after a rigorous review process will the reports be published on our platform. However, Whistle42 expressly reserves the right not to publish articles and information if they do not comply with our guidelines and values. The submitter has no right to publication.

5. Is there a reward for submitting information?

Yes, W42 Scouts will receive a fee for each submitted report (“submitting reward”). An additional reward is given if an article containing the information is published (“publishing reward”). The rewards are automatically credited to the user account.

The specific rewards are published on our website.

6. What kind of information is Whistle42 looking for?

We are particularly interested in information related to financial activities, market trends, significant court cases, legal reforms, and regulatory changes in various global jurisdictions, especially those not highlighted in mainstream media.

7. Will my identity be protected?

Yes, the confidentiality and protection of our scouts’ identities are paramount. We take extensive measures to ensure that the identity of our scouts remains secure and anonymous.

8. Can I submit information from any country?

Absolutely. We value insights from every region and community across the globe. Information from diverse jurisdictions is crucial for our platform.

9. What happens if the information I submit is not activated?

If a submission does not meet our criteria or pass the review process, it will not be activated on the platform, and consequently, no publisher reward will be paid for that particular report. We encourage scouts to focus on the quality and reliability of the information they submit.

10. How often can I submit reports?

There is no limit to the number of reports a W42 Scout can submit. We encourage continuous and consistent participation.

For further inquiries or more detailed information, feel free to contact our support team through the Whistle42 website. Your participation as a W42 Scout contributes to a more transparent and informed world. Join us in this crucial endeavor!