Creating Value Together

Disclaimer: Please note that forward-looking statements about profits or listing the tokens are statements of intent and subject to great uncertainty. These intentions may or may not be realized. This depends to a large extent on the environment, regulatory requirements, and the ability of management.

Business model

Since its inception, FinTelegram has gathered, evaluated, structured, and published information about the cyberfinance space. We have also sold (custom) reports via content licenses to fund our operations and develop new services such as Whistle42. In addition, we have received donations from partners for the evolution of your business.

In the future, we aim to become a leading information provider for financial intelligence in the cyberfinance era facilitated by intelligent technology and crowdsourced information provided by our whistleblowers. Our value proposition is to be a Reuters or Bloomberg of the cyberfinance era powered by crowdsourced information from our whistleblower community.

Value creation and dividends

With each piece of information received, FinTelegram’s enterprise value increases, and with it, the value of the F42 tokens. Assuming a successful monetization of the information through the sale of reports and services, FinTelegram should generate sustainable profits and distribute dividends to the F42 token holders.

Token listing and liquidity

FinTelegram plans to list the F42 tokens on crypto exchanges over the next 6 to 12 months. Then the F42 token owners should be able to trade and sell their tokens.

In addition, F42 Fund plans to launch a private token market in the next 3 to 6 months through which F42 token holders can trade their tokens. The launch of this private market is subject to meet the regulatory conditions required for it.